“Former first lady Gehan Sadat was shocked when she saw her

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Protesters opposing Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi shout slogans against him and brotherhood members during a protest at Tahrir square in Cairo June 29, 2013. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah DalshCAIRO 30 June 2018: Five years after the ouster of Brotherhood affiliated President Mohamed Morsi, Egyptians have taken to the streets again, but this time to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the June 30 Revolution.The Egyptian Cabinet, headed by newly appointed Premier Mostafa Madbouli, announced July 1 a national holiday to both the public and private sectors across the country for the occasion of the June 30 celebrationsSome still doubt the motives behind the second canada goose outlet reviews popular uprising that took place less than three years since January 2011. Some others have frequently accused Egypt of imposing restrictions on the freedom of expression and human rights violations.One of the Brotherhood’s allegations is that the people’s will that was witnessed in the streets calling for the overthrow of Morsi in June 2013 was canada goose outlet store near me actually a military coup.Coup vs. Revolution linguisticallyCoup d refers to a “sudden defeat of a government through illegal force by a small group, often a military one” according to the Cambridge dictionary. Another definition is found in the Oxford dictionary as follows: “a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.” The two definitions of “coup” thusly cannot be canada goose outlet niagara falls said to represent this case.On the contrary, the Cambridge dictionary defines ‘revolution’ as “a change in the way a country is governed, usually to a different political system and often using violence or war,” and this reflects the June 30 case.When Egyptians chanted “bread, freedom, and social justice,” the main canada goose outlet website legit demands of the January 25 revolution, they thought their demands would be easily met by the Muslim Brotherhood group which “stole the revolution from the youth” as observers described then. However, the three canada goose premium outlet demands were not met by the first elected administration of the MB, which is currently outlawed in Egypt and other Arab countries.Why did army interfere to June 30 revolution?The one year rule canada goose outlet 2015 of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the misbehavior of Morsi and his group showed how he lacked a basic understanding of Egyptian political dynamics, and that is why he was unable to complete his term in office.Morsi could not accomplish any progress at all in dealing with Egypt’s internal and external challenges, from minor domestic challenges to the external threats facing the government.In 2012, Egyptians had high expectations after the revolution in 2011. In addition, Morsi was manipulating the political scene by appointing his affiliates in all government organizations and institutions, giving them privileges, enabling terrorist groups to expand in Sinai, threatening Egyptian national security and working hard to Brotherhoodizing the Egyptian civil state.On July 1, Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com Forces (SCAF) issued a canada goose outlet statement titled “The Final Hours” that read: “We swear by God that we are ready to sacrifice our blood for Egypt and its people against any terrorist, extremist or fool.”Former first lady Gehan Sadat was shocked when she saw her husband’s murderers honored and respected by Egypt’s then President Morsi who brought the killers of late President Anwar Sadat to Cairo Stadium canada goose outlet kokemuksia declaring ‘Jihad’ in Syria against Bashar al Assad’s regime in October 2012.After the success of the security forces to disperse the Brotherhood sit ins in Nahda and Rabaa al Adawiya in August 2013, Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagi threatened Egyptians to continue supporting terrorist groups in Sinai if Morsi was not reinstalled as the canada goose outlet toronto factory ‘legitimate president’ of Egypt, according to a video circulated on the internet.Read on here. Rather than treating its loss as a failure, Egyptians should view it as a learning experience, one that can guide the country as it seeks to achieve its full potential.LAGUNA BEACH Egypt’s national soccer team rode to Russia for their first World Cup finals in 28 years on a wave of lofty expectations and potent canada goose outlet mississauga fan enthusiasm. They are now returning home having lost all of their games no small disappointment for a country that canada goose sale uk takes both soccer and national pride very seriously. Now, buy canada goose uk a blame game has erupted from which no one seems to be spared.This may be understandable, but it is not constructive. Indeed, it risks obscuring important lessons that can help not just Egypt, but also other emerging economies, to fulfill their considerable potential indent just in soccer.The first lesson is to manage expectations. The run up to the canada goose jacket outlet toronto World Cup was dominated by well deserved praise for the team’s star player, Mohamed canada goose factory outlet Salah, who was English football’s 2017/2018 double player of the year and has become an idol for millions of Egyptians. Add to that the fact that Egypt had not qualified for a World Cup final since 1990, and expectations ended up far exceeding what canada goose outlet toronto address the team could realistically achieve in the tournament. Yet Egyptians remained hopeful indeed, too hopeful and ended up far more disappointed than, realistically, they should have been. Such disappointment can cause expectations to overcorrect in the opposite direction.The second lesson is to take advantage of strengths to support diversification. Egyptians’ enduring hope for their soccer team after Salah’s injury was not rooted in the knowledge that there was some other secret weapon waiting to dazzle the crowd. On the canada goose uk site contrary, Egypt’s game plan continued to canada goose jacket outlet store rely substantially on Salah, whose talent was well known, but who was unable to play at full potential.The team’s tactics were also slow to evolve, even after opponents double and triple teamed Salah. Rather than diversify from a position of strength, managers became stuck in “active inertia” trying to do more, but still locked into their established approach, even as it came up against fundamental challenges.The third lesson is to finish the job. In Egypt’s final World Cup game a crushing 2 1 loss to Saudi Arabia that put the team at the bottom of its group both of the opponent’s goals were conceded in the stoppage time of each half. As the game clock ticked down, the team’s concentration seemed to wane. Germany made a similar mistake, giving up two goals to South Korea in stoppage time.That does not work in soccer, nor does it work in business, policymaking, or just about any other field. The key to sustained success is never to let up until the canada goose outlet store uk final whistle is blown.The last lesson of Egypt’s World Cup experience is that international engagement can play a vital role in enhancing domestic capital and resources. Players who, like Salah, have canada goose outlet store toronto opportunities to play abroad in highly competitive leagues can deepen and expand their skill sets, while developing a broader strategic understanding of the game. This puts them in a better position to improve the performance of the national team in regional and global competitions.The increased movement of players across borders has already contributed to a convergence among countries’ skill levels, reflected in the declining dominance of traditional powerhouses like Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Indeed, Italy did not qualify for this World Cup, Germany lost in the canada goose outlet winnipeg address group stage, and Argentina got a real scare.Greater efforts are needed to seize international opportunities for human capital development, to repatriate the resulting knowledge and expertise, and to spread what is learned to more people at home. That is as true for soccer as it is for many other pursuits, from business processes to technology buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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