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I would doubt that anybody has ever failed a test because they did this, I would assume the examiner has a bit of discretion when it comes to this point, and it would only be a minor fault, would have to stack up a few other minors in the same category.I think in general the UK test is tougher and more detailed than the US (though others in Europe are harder, see Finland), and while some points probably are a bit pedantic, I would say on average we have a more challenging environment to drive in. A lot of our towns and cities were laid out before the US existed never mind the car, coupled with a much denser concentration of population means we often have a less than ideal road layout (more often than the US anyway). Maybe it pays off as we have one of the lowest rates of road fatalities per capita (according to wikipedia), though obviously there are way more factors involved than test difficulty so that it mostly speculation..

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