Renfield Miller, who was also an executive vice president of

Wow. This is not remotely the same issue. I think it absolutely moronic that Gunn was fired over things he said 10 years ago that, even at the time, I don think were indicative of his beliefs. Ambac and other bond insurers had been pinning hopes for a revival of their business on launching municipal focused units, after ratings agencies stripped the insurers of their A ratings following heavy credit losses from a foray into guaranteeing repackaged debt.Everspan chief executive, Douglas Renfield Miller, had been Moncler Outlet discussing raising capital with third parties, but in a statement Ambac said the talks had failed to raise the funds and Renfield Miller had decided to step down.Investors were looking for higher returns than a municipals only financial guarantor would be able to produce, said Peter Poillon, a managing director in Ambac investor relations.just wasn attractive enough, he said. The markets will come back down to earth and we market it again.Ambac will most likely approach potential investors for Everspan again next year, he said.Ambac shares were down 20 cents to $1.05 in early afternoon trade on the New York Stock Exchange.SECOND POSTPONEMENT Last month, reporting a first quarter loss, the insurer said it was delaying Everspan planned second quarter launch because rating agencies had pushed it to raise capital from outside investors. At that time, Ambac said it was in discussions with a number of potential investors.Renfield Miller, who was also an executive vice president of Ambac and Ambac Assurance Corp, will retire on Jan.

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