She had a goal of collecting 50 homecoming dresses for girls

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uk moncler outlet Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Public FileAn Humble Independent School District freshman is making sure that teen girls impacted by Hurricane Harvey still get the homecoming dress of their dreams.Ashley Reel, 15, a student at Oak Ridge High School, started a dress drive that grew into something she never expected. She had a goal of collecting 50 homecoming dresses for girls in need after Hurricane Harvey.”I just want to help other people that are my age,” said Ashley.It was early September, not long after the hurricane, when Ashley made a post on Facebook and Nextdoor about her new Hurricane Harvey Homecoming Dress Drive. She asked people to donate their dresses.”I just thought it be something nice to do, even though it not something really big, it can just help them out,” said Ashley. uk moncler outlet

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